The lotus is a symbol of purity. Its roots are in the mud, but the flower remains above dirty water. Live a lotus life. Be in the world, but unaffected by impurities.


Pure Life as the name suggests was born from a desire to use products that avoid the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives. I love to use and provide you with the purest, best quality products I can source avoiding harsh chemicals for my hairdressing, holistic therapies and oncology holistic therapy treatments. Pure Life Hairdressing and Holistic Therapy are for everyone including those of you who wish to avoid harsh chemicals and enjoy relaxation.
For hairdressing I use a high quality ammonia free colour range for your tints and foil lowlights and for your highlights I use a high lift blonding lightner which is more gentle and without the harshness of bleach.
Relaxing pink manicure and pedicure with a orchid flower

Holistic Skincare

For your holistic treatments I use an organic massage oil and high quality essential oils for Indian Head Massage and Hydrotherm Body Massage. For Reflexology I use a balm containing beeswax and essential oils made from the finest natural ingredients. For the Luxury Reflex Pedicure and Pedicure treatments I use the world renowned O.P.I Professional Nail Products and the O.P.I Pro Spa Pedicure range. I also offer for purchase a selection of the Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty Cancer Skincare Products for those living with and beyond cancer. The Jennifer Young Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty Skincare range is also perfect for delicate skin including those not going through treatment for cancer but just suffer from dry, sore, sensitive and itchy skin.

Holistic Therapy

I also specialise in supporting you with Reiki For Relaxation, Reiki For Support Through Menopause, Reiki For Support Through Cancer, Distant Remote Reiki For Yourself or a Loved One, Distant Remote Reiki For Animals, Reflexology For Relaxation, Reflexology For Support Through Menopause, Reflexology For Support Through Cancer, Post Natal Reflexology, Luxury Reflex Pedicure, Pedicure O.P.I Pro Spa, Indian Head Massage For Relaxation, Indian Head Massage For Support through Menopause, Indian Head Massage for Support through Cancer and Hydrotherm Body Massage and Aromatherapy to induce complete relaxation, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain that may be bought on by a medical condition, mental health, menopause and hormonal imbalance or if you are on a journey through cancer. All these treatments are safe to receive after I carry out a consultation. These are complementary treatments to help support you and do not replace medical advice from your Doctor or Specialist Oncology Consultant.

I offer my mobile hairdressing and holistic therapy service in
Hertfordshire and Essex areas

I come to you so you can relax in your home during and after your hairdressing, holistic therapy treatment or oncology treatment

Instead of visiting a hairdressing salon, beauty clinic or Spa. You have no worrying about finding parking and can continue to relax afterwards as no need to drive home.